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DAY1 WORKSHOPS, Wednesday 24th October at St-Roch building
8:00 Reception desk at St-Roch building (no on-site registration)
Room S157 Room S151 (with your own laptop) Room S155 Room S153

Dynamic space-time visualisation: an introduction to i2maps

Christian Kaiser - Institute of Geography, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

View: / abstract (PDF)

Introduction to PostGIS: data management and geoprocessing

Andrea De Bono - UNEP GRID-Geneva, Switzerland

View: / abstract (PDF)

TinyOWS, the high performance WFS-T server

Olivier Courtin, Vincent Picavet - Oslandia, France

View: / abstract (PDF)

Introduction to QGIS and GRASS

Gregory Giuliani, Yaniss Guigoz - University of Geneva, enviroSPACE laboratory, Switzerland

View: / abstract (PDF)

12:30 Lunch

Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis with PySAL

Sergio Rey - ASU, United-States

View: / abstract (PDF)

Exploit Pleiades PHR data with the ORFEO ToolBox library

Manuel Grizonnet, Julien Michel - CNES, France

View: / abstract (PDF)

QGIS as a platform

Hugo Mercier - Oslandia, France

View: / abstract (PDF)

OrbisGIS : from GIS to standard-based geoservices

Adam Gouge, Alexis Guéganno, Erwan Bocher, Olivier Ertz, Julien Le Glaunec - IRSTV FR CNRS 2488, France / HEIG-VD, IICT/SYSIN, Switzerland

View: / abstract (PDF)

18:30 Ice breaker (see practical guide)
DAY2 SYMPOSIUM, Thursday 25th October at Cheseaux building
8:00 Reception desk at Cheseaux building (no on-site registration)
9:00 Aula - Opening plenary

Chair: Pr. Olivier Ertz - HEIG-VD, Switzerland

Introduction and presentation

Welcome message from Yverdon-les-Bains city council

Dr. Pierre Dessemontet, President of the city council

View: presentation / video


Building open source geospatial education at research universities: where we are and what is holding us back

Pr. Helena Mitasova - NCSU, United-States

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

10:15 Coffee break

Chair: Pr. Robert Weibel - UZH, Switzerland

A Field report on the role of Free and Open Source Geospatial Software at University of Applied Sciences


View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Chair: Pr. Elizabeth Wentz - ASU, United-States

r.rotstab: a GRASS-based deterministic model for deep-seated landslide susceptibility analysis over large areas

Mergili, Marchesini, Rossi, Guzzetti, Fellin

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Hydroweb: an Open Source educational WebGIS platform for the understanding of spatio-temporal variations of meteorological parameters at the watershed scale

Joost, Ingensand, Kalbermatten, Tanner, Luyet

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Cluster analysis of geological point processes with R free software

Tonini, Abellán, Pedrazzini

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Establishing a new Center of Excellence for the Free and Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4G)


View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Geographical analysis and numerical quantification of visual impact for aerogenerators and photovoltaic panels using Open Source GIS

Minelli, Marchesini, De Rosa, Casagrande, Cenci

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Design and implementation of a distance education course on open source web mapping

Köbben, Ivanova

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Relatedness and scale dependency in very high resolution digital elevation models derivatives

Leempoel, Joost

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Aula

Chair: Pr. Daniel Rappo - HEIG-VD, Switzerland

The open source GIS, an ideal framework for the development of and integrated modelling platform devoted to sustainable urban planning: first steps with OrbisGIS and CartoPolis

Dr. Gérard Hégron - IFSTTAR/IRSTV, France

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

14:45 Poster session

Free Software and Open Source in Education: Geoinformatics at the CTU in Prague


View: - / video / abstract (PDF)

Spatial patterns analysis of environmental data using R

Vega, Golay, Tonini, Kanevski

View: - / video / abstract (PDF)

Design and Creating a Two-way Public Participation Geographical Information System Platform: An Open Source Architecture

Silva, Rocha

View: - / video / abstract (PDF)

OSM indoor: moving forward

Rocha, Alves

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Multimodal Planner: From Prototype to Production


View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

The ESA BEAM Toolbox and Development Platform

Fomferra, Odermatt, Brockmann, Regner

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

WPS tools to support geological and geomorphological mapping

Marchesini, Rossi, Santangelo, Cardinali, Reichenbach, Ardizzone, Fiorucci, Balducci, Mondini, Guzzetti

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

The Challenge of Geospatial Big Data Analysis


View: presentation - animation / video / abstract (PDF)

Collaborative authoring and polypublication of cartographic content

Ertz, Le Glaunec, Bocher

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Discussion groups (all in parallel)

Urban remote sensing and environmental indicators

Chair: Pr. Elizabeth Wentz


Academic reseach and open source software to serve open standards development

Chair: Pr. Olivier Ertz

View: presentation / see closing plenary video


What licence should be used to release software or data produced in an academic context?

Chair: Eric Grosso


Spatial Data Infrastructures in developing countries: Is Open Source a solution?

Chair: Dr. Gregory Giuliani, Yaniss Guigoz


PGIS, from crowdsourcing to decision-making : research challenges, perspectives and emergences

Chair: Pr. Stéphane Roche, Dr Matthieu Noucher


What about the future of OGRS symposium

Chair: Dr. Erwan Bocher


Social event: "Bath time" at Yverdon Thermal Spa !

(free entrance included with the social event option)


Social event: fine dining at the Grand Hôtel des Bains

(share a unique moment with your colleagues)

DAY3 SYMPOSIUM, Friday 26th October at Cheseaux building
8:30 Reception desk at Cheseaux building (no on-site registration)
9:00 Aula

Chair: Dr. Stéphane Joost - EPFL, Switzerland

Open source spatial analysis: lessons for research and education from PySAL

Pr. Sergio J. Rey - ASU, United-States

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Chair: Dr. Hy Dao - UNIGE, Switzerland

Open source software for Big Data : Experiences in indexing and browsing geo-archival records


View: - / video / abstract (PDF)

Chair: Dr. Marj Tonini - UNIL, Switzerland

An open tool to register landscape oblique images and generate their synthetic model

Produit, Tuia

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Physical Landscape of Britain and Northern Ireland: technical development

Piccinini, Smith, Hooke, Hesketh

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Open tools and methods for large scale segmentation of Very High Resolution satellite images

Michel, Grizonnet, Jaen, Harasse, Hermitte, Guinet, Malik, Savinaud

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

10:40 Coffee break

Using GRASS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS for the development of the automatic preprocessing for a distributed vector-based hydrological model

Jankowfsky, Sanzana, Branger, Braud, Paillé, Brossard

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Utilization of the Scythe C++ open source library for statistical geocomputation in livestock landscape genomics

Stucki, Agha, Li, Joost

View: presentation / abstract (PDF) / video


An open and powerful GIS data discovery engine

Ouellet, Biondo

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

MCDA-GIS integration: an application in GRASS GIS 6.4

Massei, Rocchi, Paolotti, Greco, Boggia

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Ontology Based Domain Specific Search of Crowdsourced OpenStreetMap Dataset and Wiki

Keller, Ott

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

How to make R, PostGIS and QGis cooperate for statistical modelling duties: a case study on hedonic regressions


View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Aula

Chair: Pr. François Golay - EPFL, Switzerland

How open source can help achieving sustainability of e-learning content: The GITTA experience

Pr. Robert Weibel - UZH, Switzerland

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

14:45 Room F01 - URBAN SIMULATION Room E03 - TOOLS

Chair: Pr. François Golay - EPFL, Switzerland

Toward a coupling between GIS and agent simulation. USM : an OrbisGIS extension to model urban evolution at a large scale

Rousseaux, Bocher, Gourlay, Petit

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

Chair: Dr. Gregory Giuliani - UNIGE, Switzerland

GeoPeuple project: using RESTful Web API to diffuse geohistorical database as open data

Grosso, Plumejeaud, Parent

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)


Using open-source tools for the simulation of urban transportation systems

Nguyen, Bouju, Estraillier

View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

An opensource tool to build urban noise maps in a GIS


View: presentation / video / abstract (PDF)

15:35 Coffee break
16:00 Aula - Closing plenary

Chair: Dr. Stéphane Joost - EPFL, Switzerland

Feedbacks from discussion groups

Joerin Florent - HEIG-VD, Switzerland

Q/A, conclusions and further informations

View: video


One last drink together with an extraordinary visit at Maison d'Ailleurs

(all attendees are invited)

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