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General Papers

Cluster analysis of geological point processes with R free software
Marj Tonini, Antonio Abellán, Andrea Pedrazzini
An opensource tool to build urban noise maps in a GIS
Nicolas Fortin, Erwan Bocher, Judicaël Picaut, Gwendall Petit, Guillaume Dutilleux
Physical Landscape of Britain and Northern Ireland: technical development
Claudio Piccinini, Mike Smith, Janet Hooke, Katherine Hesketh
Using GRASS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS for the development of the automatic preprocessing for a distributed vector-based hydrological model
Sonja Jankowfsky, Pedro Sanzana, Flora Branger, Isabelle Braud, Yvan Paillé, Florent Brossard, Fabrice Rodriguez
An open tool to register landscape oblique images and generate their synthetic model.
Timothee Produit, Devis Tuia
Toward a coupling between GIS and agent simulation. USM: an OrbisGIS extension to model urban evolution at a large scale
Frederic Rousseaux, Erwan Bocher, Antoine Gourlay, Gwendall Petit
MCDA-GIS integration: an application in GRASS GIS 6.4
Gianluca Massei, Lucia Rocchi, Luisa Paolotti, Salvatore Greco, Antonio Boggia
GeoPeuple project: using RESTful Web API to disseminate geohistorical database as open data
Eric Grosso, Christine Plumejeaud, Benjamin Parent
Multimodal Planner: From Prototype to Production
Francisco José Peñarrubia


TinyOWS, the high performance WFS-T server
Olivier Courtin, Vincent Picavet
OrbisGIS : from GIS to connected geoservices
Antoine Gourlay, Alexis Guéganno, Gwendall Petit, Erwan Bocher, Olivier Ertz
Quantum GIS as a platform
Vincent Picavet

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