Presentations and Authors

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General Papers

Open tools and methods for large scale segmentation of Very High Resolution satellite images
Julien Michel, Manuel Grizonnet, Arnaud Jaen, Sébastien Harasse, Luc Hermitte, Jonathan Guinet, Julien Malik, Mickaël Savinaud
r.rotstab: a GRASS-based deterministic model for deep-seated landslide susceptibility analysis over large areas
Martin Mergili, Ivan Marchesini, Mauro Rossi, Fausto Guzzetti, Wolfgang Fellin
Toward a coupling between GIS and agent simulation. USM: an OrbisGIS extension to model urban evolution at a large scale
Frederic Rousseaux, Erwan Bocher, Antoine Gourlay, Gwendall Petit
MCDA-GIS integration: an application in GRASS GIS 6.4
Gianluca Massei, Lucia Rocchi, Luisa Paolotti, Salvatore Greco, Antonio Boggia
GeoPeuple project: using RESTful Web API to disseminate geohistorical database as open data
Eric Grosso, Christine Plumejeaud, Benjamin Parent

Discussion group topics

What licence should be used to release software or data produced in an academic context?
Eric Grosso
The potential of Spatial Data Infrastructures for improving environmental management in Africa
Yaniss Guigoz, Gregory Giuliani, Jan Cools, Nicolas Ray


Exploit Pleiades PHR data with the ORFEO ToolBox library
Manuel Grizonnet, Julien Michel
Introduction to QGIS and GRASS
Gregory Giuliani, Yaniss Guigoz
OrbisGIS : from GIS to connected geoservices
Antoine Gourlay, Alexis Guéganno, Gwendall Petit, Erwan Bocher, Olivier Ertz


WPS tools to support geological and geomorphological mapping
Ivan Marchesini, Mauro Rossi, Massimiliano Alvioli, Michele Santangelo, Mauro Cardinali, Paola Reichenbach, Francesca Ardizzone, Federica Fiorucci, Vinicio Balducci, Alessandro Cesare Mondini, Fausto Guzzetti
Spatial patterns analysis of environmental data using R
Carmen Vega, Jean Golay, Marj Tonini, Mikhaïl Kanevski

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